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Welcome to San Francisco FrontRunners (SFFR for short)!

SFFR is the founding club of a now worldwide organization of running and walking clubs dedicated to the LGBTQ community.

Explore our website and learn more about SFFR. The best way to see what we're all about is to come to a regular run/walk or event and see what we're all about.

All ages and abilities are welcome at our regular weekly runs/walks. Our largest weekly meetup is Saturday morning in Golden Gate Park, with around 50-100 people showing up for a 1-5 mile walk/run. Our Tuesday Evening runs/walks at the Ferry Building draw between 15-30 people. Thursday Evening runs in the Castro are newer, and have around 5-10 runners. Finally, our Sunday Long Run has a group of 5-15 runners.

For those wanting to improve their running times or distances, many of us take part in organized races and training throughout the year. Running and walking is only one piece of SFFR, with social activities happening throughout the month, including movie nights, theater outings, picnics, bar nights, and many other events. We also participate in a variety of volunteering activities with the community. Finally, we carry on long-standing traditions including our New Year's Golden Gate Bridge Run and Waffle Breakfast, our End of the Year Banquet, and our SFFR Pride Run, which raises money for a charity each year.

Visit our Board Page to learn more about the board, as well as how to reach out to us with questions, ideas, and areas you would like to help.

Our club shines brightest when members and visitors play a vital role in staying active in planning, volunteering, and participation. Lend a hand by helping organize an event, staffing a water station at a race, or hosting an activity at your home.

While membership is optional, we offer many benefits to members, including weekly emails about important activities and notices, discounts to club sponsors, and free or partially-covered events throughout the year. We suggest checking our club out for a few runs/walks and events and then considering joining if you like what you see.

Join us for an amazing year and see how fulfilling, comforting, and exciting our club can be for each and every Front Runner!

San Francisco FrontRunners