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Movie Night hosted by Max - Mario

  • Jan
  • 11
Movie Night hosted by Max - Mario
  • Friday, 7:00pm PST-9:30pm PST   Ical event icon
  • Food: 7pm, Pizza. BYOB. Cost: $7 Movie 8pm. Wait in Lobby for access to elevator
  • Location: 38 Dolores Street Unit 509, San Francisco, CA, USA

Food: 7pm, Pizza, BYOB
Cost: $7
Movie: 8pm
RSVP: Jan 1/9 by text 646-331-2744

Location: 38 Dolores St (above Whole Foods) Wait in Lobby.

Movie Trailer: Mario

Description:A Heart-Warming Rollercoaster, Set on and off the Pitch, offers a dynamic and realistic picture of how gay Professional Footballers are still seen as out of step in the 21st Century. The Film follows an unexpected Love Affair between keen rival Mario (Max Hubacher) and Leon (Aaron Altaras) the new striker from Germany, but the path of gay love in this macho world is not an easy one. Before long, their relationship is discovered by their team members and rumors begin to spread. Mario realizes this jeopardizes his career as a professional football player, but he does not want to lose Leon at any price. He has to make a decision.

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