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Movie Night hosted by Alex Soejarto - The Way He Looks

  • May
  • 3
Movie Night hosted by Alex Soejarto - The Way He Looks
  • Friday, 7:00pm PDT-10:00pm PDT   Ical event icon
  • Gather at 7pm for Pizza, Movie at 8pm. Cost $7. Please bring a beverage(s) for yourself (none will be provided). Must RSVP by May 1, noon. Contact Bob at or Mike at for questions.
  • Location: 333 Main Street, San Francisco, CA, 94105

Food: 7pm Pizza (Bring beverages for yourself or share since we will be at the theater.)
Cost: $7
Movie: 8pm
Rsvp: by text (415) 830-2341, May 1st noon
Movie Title: The Way He Looks

Description: Set against the music of Belle and Sebastian, Daniel Ribeiro's coming of age tale, THE WAY HE LOOKS is a fun and tender story about friendship and the complications of young love. Leo is a blind teenager who's fed up with his overprotective mother and the bullies at school. Looking to assert his independence, he decides to study abroad to the dismay of his best friend, Giovana. When Gabriel, the new kid in town, teams with Leo on a school project, new feelings blossom in him that make him reconsider his plans. Meanwhile, Giovana, grows jealous of this new found companionship as tensions mount between her and Leo.

Location: 333 Main St, SF 94105

If your birthday is in May and you plan to attend, text Bob at 415-846-5494.

Note: We did not show this movie, instead we showed The Pass.

Movie will be shown in the private screening room located in his building

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