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Festivities & Amenities

Awards ceremony and Refreshments

An awards ceremony and complimentary refreshments will follow the race. The awards ceremony starts at 10:30. Overall and age groups are awarded 3 deep.

Bike Lock Up

If you bring your bike we have a space to lock it up against a chain link fence, in plain sight of the events. (Note: In 2017, there is construction taking place at the polo fields where the chain link fence is located, and so this particular spot for locking your bike might not be available.)

Goody Bags and Clothes storage

Goody bags will also be used to store your clothes (no valuables please).

Children's Run

Children are encouraged to participate in a short run and play segment prior to the race starting. Any and all kids 8 years old and under are encouraged to participate in the kids run. The kids run will begin at the regular start line at around 8:30 a.m., a half-hour before the start. It is a 100 meter dash point to point from the starting arch.
Awards will be presented.

Refreshments TBA


View photos of previous Pride Run events:


View video of Pride Run. FrontRunners preparing the balloon arch shown below.

Jason Brock singing Star Spangled Banner at 2015 SF Pride Run