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Weekly Footweb Week 28 (6/21/20- 6/27/20)

06/21/2020, 6:00pm PDT
By Terence Byrnes

Next SFFR Run- Pride Edition: Our next official run will be held this Saturday, June 27th. Please register by clicking here. As it is Pride Month and Saturday would have been the date of our Pride Run we ask that you wear as much pride apparel as you can. Let's run proud!

Official SFFR Runs: Any official SFFR run will be announced via an email from the SFFR email or on Facebook via posts from Brent Radeke or Liem Nguyen. Any other gatherings are not considered SFFR events. 

Plaque in Stow Lake: The Parks Department installed a plaque on our bench to commemorate our Saturday morning meeting spot. You can find a picture of it here or by stopping by the bench at Saturday's run. 

First Run Back: Thank you to everyone who joined our first run back yesterday. Any feedback you have is welcomed.

June Movie Night: Given Frameline has gone digital, we will not host a June movie night. Anyone interested in learning what they are screening can get more information here

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