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Weekly Footweb Week 36 (8/16/20 - 8/22/20)

08/17/2020, 6:45pm PDT
By Terence Byrnes

Member Meeting: Thank you to those of you who joined the member meeting this past Wednesday. It was helpful to hear your thoughts and it was nice to be able to share our perspective on group runs. As I know many of you still have questions about why we have not started group runs again, I wanted to provide a brief update. Brent has been in contact with the SF Dept of Health and we are considered to be in the same category as fitness classes. The restrictions that entails make it difficult for SFFR to put on an enjoyable experience for you. Given we are unable to control the crowds at Stow Lake each run distance would have to start at a different location and would be limited to 8 people as we need to factor for people who do not sign up or who bring someone with them. A board member would also have to run with each group and the entire group would need to run together- while also maintaining social distance. We want to ensure you have an enjoyable time running with us but with the restrictions it would be very difficult to make that happen. While the likelihood of anything going wrong is small, the risk is still there. The club would be liable in that case so it is not a risk I am currently comfortable taking. We are continuing to monitor the regulations and as soon as things reach a point where we feel we can put on a worthwhile group event, we will put it on immediately. 

Treasurer: Please welcome Joshua Brueckner to the SFFR board as our Treasurer! He was confirmed at the member meeting on Wednesday and we are excited to have him. 

Engagement: While it can be difficult to feel like part of a community while apart, we want to try our best to foster that community in other ways. Moving forward, please let any member of the board know if you've hit a personal athletic goal and we can include that in the weekly newsletter. This can include things like hitting a new weekly high mileage, first run back from injury, running a new PR, or finding a new trail/run that other members might enjoy. Also, feel free to let us know if you've signed up for any virtual races so that we can advertise it to the group, especially if it benefits a cause you're committed to/passionate about. We know many of you are active in other arenas too so it does not need to be limited to running. 

Archiving: An additional SFFR 1989 and 1990's photo collection album has been added to our website photo page - If anyone has more old photos, please email them to

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