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Weekly Footweb Week 37 (8/23/20 - 8/29/20)

08/23/2020, 5:15pm PDT
By Terence Byrnes

Air quality: The air quality in San Francisco has been unhealthy several times over the past week. Please be cautious if you are exercising outside. You should check the AQI before running and if the level is too high please consider an indoor alternative or taking a day off.

Upcoming Races: Registration for the East Bay Front Runners & Walkers Virtual Pride Run & Walk in now open. The race will take place between October 10th and October 18th. A link to register can be found here

Member Accomplishments: Big congrats to Chris Goodwin and Bob Callori for participating in the 2020 USATF Masters Challenge and WMA World Masters Meet (both held virtually).  Please find their impressive results below. Way to represent SFFR!

USATF 2020 Masters results for Chris:

  • 400m at 1.12.87-- 2nd place
  • 800M at 2:53.8 -- 1st place

WMA World Masters results for Chris:

  • 200M at 29.9 seconds --4th in the world; 2nd in US
  • 400m at 1:06.3 -- 3rd in the world; 2nd in the US
  • 100m at 15.2 seconds -- 7th World; 4th in the US

USATF 2020 Masters results for Bob:

  • 100m in 19.8 -- 4th place
  • 200m in 46.3 -- 3rd place
  • 400m in 2:02.7 -- 2nd place
  • 800m in 4:52.8 -- 3rd place

WMA World Masters results for Bob 

  • 100m at 20.6 -- 13th place
  • 200m at 44.09 -- 9th place
  • 400m at 1:55.6 -- 8th place
  • 800m at 5:39 -- 8th place
  • Shotput in 6.5meters -- 12th place

Engagement: Please continue to let the board know if you have any upcoming races, results, or athletic accomplishments you would like to share. Additionally, please tag the SFFR social media accounts on any rrelevant photos you might post. If you are not already a member of our social media accounts links to join can be found here: Instagram, Facebook, and Strava

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