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Your SFFR Week (4/24-5/1)

04/24/2017, 7:00am PDT
By Brian Ray

Happy Monday! Here's your guide to all things FrontRunners happening in the week ahead...

Recap/Thanks From Last Week
Last week we had a Pride Run meeting and our maiden voyage of the Couch To 5K program, which had a phenomenal turnout of really fun and energetic new people! A huge thanks to everyone who made it to both events and to Ted and the Pride Run Committee for their ongoing efforts! And, of course, a huge thanks to our Couch To 5K coaching team!!!

Couch To 5K Continues! - 4/25, 4/27, 4/29
SFFR's new Couch To 5K program will continue it's workouts, 3 times a week! You can jump in at any time and we'll be sharing the week's workouts via a separate email to participants. Each workout coincides with our weekly Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday runs. Learn more here.

Friday Social: Gin With Jin - 4/28 - 6pm
Our Officer-At-Large, Jin, has planned another fun get together this coming Friday at 6pm! Meet up at the Cinch on Polk Street for friends, beverages, and more! Learn more here.

COMING SOON - New Official Team Uniforms!
Many of you have asked when a new uniform order will happen. We've been selecting a new garment to print on and will have more information soon. As with before, we'll have short sleeve, long sleeve, tank top/singlet, and shorts, with the possibility of a few other options as well. This time around, however, we'll have different pricing for members, so join up and see just one of the many benefits SFFR members have! Learn more here.

We Need You! - Club And Pride Run Positions Open
The club is looking for help in the following roles:

  • Footlocker (in addition to the amazing Bob Callori)
  • Pride Run (volunteers)

Please let us know if you are interested and want to know more by emailing

Have A Suggestion? Share It With The Board!
Tell us what we can improve or what fun event the club can put on or attend: email with your ideas!

Enjoy your week!

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