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Your SFFR Week 4/09 - 4/16

04/09/2018, 8:30pm PDT
By Liem Nguyen

Welcome to 2018! Here is your weekly dose of all things FrontRunners:

Thanks/Recap From Last Week:
Nothing and that's ok!

Coached Couch to 5k Training - 04/21 @ 9am 
"The photo above shows the proud graduates (and some of the coaches) of last year's FrontRunners-sponsored Couch to 5K training program right after emerging victorious from running their first 5K (3.1-mile) race, the club's annual Pride Run. The Couch to 5K experience was so fun we're doing it again this year!" - Gary Pfitzer.

If you are interested in volunteering or being a coach, then please message Gary Pfitzer on Facebook. Click here to visit the meet-up group event. 

SF PRIDE Run Registration is now OPEN  - 06/23 
Click here to visit the registration page with more information. Big thanks to Ned, Marie, Reggie, Garret, Christian, and everyone else in the PRIDE Run committee for all of your ongoing hard work to make this happen. And how can I forget, thank you to our wonderful VP and Race Director, Dwayne J. for being the lead of this great tradition.

If you know anyone who is interested in being a sponsor for the 2018 PRIDE Run, then please email their or your interest at Sponsors will have the opportunity feature a name on the PRIDE Run t-shirts. 

On The Horizon - Upcoming SFFR News/Events Beyond This Week

  • SFFR is planning a new social outlet for members. Be on the lookout for an announcement this month (kissing emoji). 

Do you have a burning itch to add something to the newsletter? Well, SFFR will now take submissions!

If you are interested in submitting an event to the newsletter, please click here!

Have A Suggestion? Share It With The Board!
Tell us what we can improve or what fun event the club can put on or attend: email with your ideas!

Enjoy your week!

Events Supported by SFFR

2018 GAY GAMES Check up
Paris is requiring all Gay Games participants to complete a medical form called, "Certificate of fitness and aptitude to practice sports." This form has to be completed with a medical doctor. Click here for the form. Click here for the 2018 Gay Games FAQ. 

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