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Your SFFR Week 7/16- 7/23

07/16/2018, 4:15pm PDT
By Liem Nguyen

Welcome to 2018! Here is your weekly dose of all things FrontRunners:

Thanks/Recap From Last Week:
 The end of the month is approaching fast! I need to give a shout out to the early birds who signed up for the SF Marathon Water Station: Marc J., Russell L., Terry., Muhammad G., and Gil C. You all are awesome!

1)SF Marathon Water Station: Volunteers Needed- July 29, 5:30am-10am
This will be our final water station of the year. We are hoping to get 30+ volunteers. Come help rehydrate runners in the SF marathon! If you or a friend is interested, please sign up HERE!

2) Mid-Year Party has been cancelled due to unavoidable conflict

I'm sorry to informed the Mid-Year party at 38 Dolores Street has been cancelled. The venue is unavailable despite us requesting for the space several months in advance. An alternative was having an outdoor event. However, that would have made us commit to several hours being outside in the sun the day before the Marathon which will ensue being outside for a few hours as well. This is probably not ideal for runners or volunteers. The board will consider celebrating after the Gay Games. 

If anyone would like to take on the lead to plan a pre-marathon party/event, then please submit your idea on the Newsletter Form. The board will consider to subsidize the event within our reasonable capacity. 

On The Horizon - Upcoming SFFR News/Events Beyond This Week

  • Gay Games, yo. First 2 weeks of August 2018. No movie night in August. 

Do you have a burning itch to add something to the newsletter? Well, SFFR will now take submissions!

If you are interested in submitting an event to the newsletter, please click here!

Have A Suggestion? Share It With The Board!
Tell us what we can improve or what fun event the club can put on or attend: email with your ideas!

Enjoy your week!

Events Supported by SFFR

If you are planning on participating or attending the Gay Games this summer in Paris and would like to receive more information on all the SF events happening in Paris, then please email Reggie Snowden to be placed on the FrontRunner's Gay Games list. He will be more than happy to provide updates all Gay Games related news.


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