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Your SFFR Week 8/27- 9/3

08/27/2018, 9:45pm PDT
By Liem Nguyen

Welcome to 2018! Here is your weekly dose of all things FrontRunners:

Thanks/Recap From Last Week:
 Let's give a big thank you to Peter Nye for being part of our Foot Locker during the Saturday morning runs. Thanks Peter!

Stories you might be interested in.....

1) "While some members of our club were running the San Francisco Half-Marathon and Marathon on Sunday, July 29th, Scott Johnson joined only 40 or 50 road warriors to complete the Ultramarathon that day! The ultramarathoners started at 11:00 the night before the main event and ran their first marathon all night. And then, when the regular marathoners started in at 5:30 a.m. the next morning, Scott and the other ultra runners did their second marathon with them for a total of 52.4 miles! Be sure to congratulate Scott if you see him at a Sunday long run!"

2) I have written two more articles about marathon running (including my 100th at the Gay Games) - John Kruse

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On The Horizon - Upcoming SFFR News/Events Beyond This Week

  • SFFR Beach Days at Dolores Park will return in September! The Tsunami Swim Team and I are working to do a joint Beach Day in October. Stay tune to meet your swimming friends! 

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Have A Suggestion? Share It With The Board!
Tell us what we can improve or what fun event the club can put on or attend: email with your ideas!

Enjoy your week!

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