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2020 Race Circuit

Race Circuit Program: Click here for more details about the program. 



Urban Coyote China Camp - 10k w/ Jim M. ----------------------------------January 25
Kaiser Permanente - 10k w/ Liem N. --------------------------------------------February 2
Chinese New Year YMCA - 10k w/ Lawrence L. ---------------------------March 1
A Runner’s Mind Jig & Jog - 5k w/ Nick K. ------------------------------------March 15
Oakland Running Festival - Half Marathon w/Aaron T. & Mike D. ------March 22
Trial Run: Pre - Boston Edition w/ Liem N. ------------------------------------April 11
Bay to Breakers - 12k w/ Austin J. ------------------------------------------------ May 31
Trial Run: PRIDE Edition w/ Liem N. ---------------------------------------------- June 13
PRIDE Meet - 1 mile w/ Liem N. -----------------------------------------------------June 20
PRIDE Run - 5k/10k w/ Liem N. ----------------------------------------------------June 27
RWC Parade Run - 10k w/ Nick K.  ------------------------------------------------July 4
Trial Run: 2020 Olympics Edition w/ Liem N. -------------------------------July 25
Santa Rosa Marathon w/ Brent R. -------------------------------------------------August 30
SF Giant Race - 10k w/ Chad S. -----------------------------------------------------September 6
Trial Run: Halloween Party Edition w/ Liem N. --------------------------- October 31
Northface Endurance - Half Marathon w/ Jim M. ------------------------November 15

All are welcome to participate.

2019 Team Circuit for reference