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Where do I pick up my race packet?

Bib and packet pick up is only available during race day.

Where does the race begin?

The race begins at the Polo Field, in Golden Gate Park. You will find registration, parking, and event festivities in the same area.

When does the race start?

Start time is 9:00am for both the 5K and the 10K events. We recommend you arrive no later than 8:30am.

When does the course close?

The course closes 2 hours after the start. After 2 hours the course will be open to traffic and you will need to obey the rules of the road. You will not be guaranteed post-race amenities.

What are the rules of the road?

Faster runners should pass on the left and slower runners should keep to the right. Saying "on your left" or "track" is the polite way to tell a runner in front of you that you wish to pass.

Are there corrals for the start?

There might be some general sorting of people into corrals according to their pace, but the race does not have official corrals.

When can I register?

After March 22, you can register on our website right here which will bring you to the registration page until midnight, June 26th. We will also have same day registration at the race for $40. The registration table opens at 7:30. We accept cash, check and Venmo. PLEASE NOTE that day-of registration DOES NOT guarantee you will receive a tech T-shirt and goodie bag.

Do I get any cool swag with my entry?

You will receive a tech shirt with this year's Pride Run logo, along with a goodie bag. PLEASE NOTE that day-of registration DOES NOT guarantee you will receive a tech T-shirt and goodie bag.

Are there any refunds?

No, sorry. All sales are final. But remember that all profits go to the beneficiary, so it is going to a good cause.

How is my race timed?

We are using chip timing this year.

If I'm running the 10K will I get a 5K split time?

Yes, you will.

Is there a minimum age?

There is no minimum age. However, you shouldn't register unless are comfortable walking a minimum of 5K in about 2 hours.

What is the age range for the kids run?

Kids 8 and under are encouraged to participate. The kids run is free of charge and all kids will receive an award. The race will start around 8:30 at the finish line.

Are pets allowed?

No. Since dogs can be unpredictable, reacting poorly in some situations to certain people, certain perfumes or colognes, or certain other dogs, we ask that you leave your pets at home. Service animals and pets are allowed in the festivities area as long as they follow leash and ADA laws.

Are strollers allowed?

No. Unfortunately, parts of the course are limited in space and can not accommodate strollers, runners, and walkers at the same time.

Can I dress up?

Yes! We encourage people to dress up in their favorite attire / outfit / costume. This is San Francisco - be whoever you want to be!

Should I bring anything particular?

Just bring a sweater or jacket just in case. The weather is supposed to be up to 65F at the start with 72% humidity, but you never know. However, for the warm up before the race and sitting still during the award ceremony, it may come in handy. There will be a bag check, so feel free to bring items for that if need be. Please bring no valuables.

Why isn't there a walker's category?

We tried in years past to have a walkers category. The issue is overcoming user error. Every year we tried it the winner of the walkers category was someone who was running fast. Most likely this runner signed up in error but user error could not be overcome and we did not want to set a threshold to disqualify a walker for a runner.